Thomas Arden & Adam Brickell

September 29 - October 28, 2017

Patron Art House is pleased to present its inaugural exhibition featuring works by Thomas Arden and Adam Brickell. Both artists offer a fresh approach to the concepts and techniques that have defined contemporary photography emerging from Vancouver over the past five decades. 

Adam Brickell’s life-scale photographs depict intimate and complex scenes from the artist’s life. His photographs have been spontaneously captured with a cell phone or compact digital camera, and have been further altered using computer software. Brickell allows the camera processor’s algorithms to interpret the scene and finds beauty in the resulting aberrations, which are often rendered to impressionistic effect. The illusory nature of the photograph is disrupted by pixilation, and the digital process becomes a visible and integral component of the work. These photographs represent the inadequacy of technology to fully render the present moment.   

Thomas Arden represents a separate end on the spectrum of contemporary photography through his experimentation with the cyanotype process. Objects collected from nature and alleyways are arranged and exposed to light on canvas, coated with cyanotype emulsion. Photograms by artists from early photography to modernity inform Arden's compositions. Overlapped ephemeral objects in a shadow play leave only their contours. Evening Cruise is an homage to an abandoned bicycle, captured mid-swim in Vancouver’s False Creek.

Both Thomas Arden and Adam Brickell produce work that exists in an ambiguous state, and deliberately resists an easy reading. 

Thomas Arden lives and works in Vancouver, BC. He produces work that merges the photographic, and painterly process with found objects.

Adam Brickell is currently based in Vancouver, BC and holds a Graduate Diploma in Fine Art from Goldsmiths, University of London, UK. Brickell captures complex scenes from modern life with a cell phone camera or compact camera and further digitally transforms the images to produce rich and textured narratives. His photographs are both highly pictorial and paradoxical in nature, defying traditional categories of street and digital photography. His work has been exhibited in numerous venues across Canada, the United States and Europe.  

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