Sharona Franklin: Placebo Mining

January 27 - February 17, 2018

Opening reception Saturday, January 27, 6:00 - 9:00pm

Patron Art House is pleased to present a selection of works by Sharona Franklin. Franklin’s prose paintings convey social, political and biomedical narratives employing materials and techniques often used in activist art. Banners, posters and flags create a greater mythology reflective of medical technologies, female incarceration, class oppression, and their inherent connectedness to corporeal and bodily experiences.
Blue collardisms
Meat pundits
Hydrocarbon sousing
first right to women, equally to men
corporeal solicitors
encapsulated bean beings,
subject to intermutuality.
that pelican and/or frog
subtle body slippage
isocyanates abut
the paper porn subscriptions
stacked under the place where we wash our faces
-- sandblasting sand abuts our mattress
soot abuts
the wire breaker where there once was power.

Placebo Mining
- a vestigial memo pertaining to perceptions of bureaucratic ‘baselines’, in search of visibility

Examining synthetic bodies and experiences mediated by the usage of biotechnology, chemotherapeutics, and ecotoxin exposure; Franklin speaks to invisible illness, missing women and histrionics, in resistance to the misogynistic devaluation of disable bodied and marginalized femmes.
Recent exhibitions, performances, and lectures include; The Hermaphroditic Freedom of the Snail Vancouver CA (2017), FLUCTUAT Perpignan FR (2017), FLARE [Feminist Land Art Retreat] Big Rock Campbell River CA (2017), Agnimag Campbell River Art Gallery CA (2017), Messmates Berlin DE (2016), Chimeric Dualities in Metempsychosis Betke Atelier Berlin DE (2016), This Bod is Rental Sweetpup Vancouver CA (2016), Un-Space Un-mind Rebalance Myths around Impermanence and Transgenics Sweetpup Vancouver CA (2016). In 2016 Franklin published a book of visual prose, Rental Bod Vancouver CA (2016)


For information about available works please contact,

Rental Bod, Sharona Franklin, 2016

Rental Bod, Sharona Franklin, 2016