PATRON presents unique consulting services and programs that expand beyond the care and development of your collection. Our consultants offer an extensive knowledge of contemporary art and provide portfolio management services that are tailored to your unique needs and interests. PATRON provides portfolio reviews, collection management and development strategies, as well as access to local and international artists.


  • Art consultation, portfolio management and development

  • Artist introductions and studio visits

  • Gallery introductions & access to special events

  • Introduction to collecting art

  • Subscription to recommended artists and available works through our newsletter



We understand that you are looking for incredible art that speaks to the ingenuity, character and style that your business represents. Our consultants are connected to a network of contemporary artists and galleries, both on a local and international scale. We work alongside your business and interior designer or project manager to help you select from the hottest contemporary art. 


Artist Speaker Program


PATRON offers an exciting and educational artist speaker program that can be tailored to your business interests. Artist talks are held at either your business location or at the artist’s studio*. Our art consultants work with your business to organize a single artist talk or several artist presentations for your clients and/or employees. 

* Attendance limited to number of people the artist studio can accommodate.


Complimentary Corporate Presentation


Interested to enrich your team’s creative spirit and knowledge of art and culture? As part of our mandate to educate a wider audience about Vancouver artists who are shaping the critical art discourse both locally and abroad, PATRON offers a complimentary presentation on collecting art. Our exciting and engaging presentation will provide you with a brief overview of important historical art movements, profile prominent collections, as well as provide you with the knowledge and tools that will empower you to start your journey as a collector. 


  • One hour-long presentation

  • Flexible scheduling

  • Educative and team-building

  • From Duchamp to Ai Weiwei!



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