Girl reading 117x94cm.jpg

 Mike Grill, Rome

A Collection of New Work

Documented during a trip to Rome in 2010, these large-scale photographs by Mike Grill capture a city in motion, where the memory of the ancient city confronts modern society and evolving technologies. The subjects of the photographs were captured spontaneously as they went about their daily lives, depicting the events and personalities of the ordinary world. The gestures of those observed are suggestive of a larger narrative that underlies and informs the moment, presenting sophisticated layers through which each image can be perceived.

Rome presents images reflective of dissonance between the modern and ancient worlds, which gives way to questioning what it is that defines us through time.

Presented in conjunction with the exhibition Mike Grill: Rome on view through March 29 to May 10, 2019 at Fine Art Framing & Services.